About us

We would be pleased to design and create unique masterpieces for your prestigious projects.
Since its foundation (1866), Pauly & C. has stood for elegance, creativity and Venetian luxury.
The ancient Roman technique known as “murrine”, which today is the symbol of Murano glass, was reproduced for the first time in its workshops and was presented to the world at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878.
In 150 years of business Pauly & C. has produced unique works for royal palaces, public buildings, private villas and has served an international client base that includes some of the most prominent names from the world of culture and art, figures from the world of industry and finance, politicians and nobility. Pauly & C. | CVM works are currently held in many private collections and exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.
Today the company operates under three distinct brands:
• Pauly & C. | CVM, the time-honoured company that produces classic objects, recreating old designs and collections and offering modern reinterpretations of them.
• Pauly Glass Factory, which continues its association with artists and designers to produce artistic works with modern lines.
• MVM Interior operates throughout the world with architects, interior designers and design studios for the creation of prestigious personalized projects.